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TimeLeft is a set of tools that help you manage your time
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TimeLeft is a set of tools that help you manage your time. When you install the application, you will notice that two new objects have appeared on the screen. One is a very basic clock that tells you the current time, and the other one is a countdown till new year. But TimeLeft has quite a few more tools. With it you can create reminders, countdowns, add new clocks, stickers with notes, timers and even use a stopwatch.

All of the application's features are accessible from a single, main menu. Each one of the features launches an editor where you customize the feature. For example, if you add a new reminder, you have to set the time at which you want to be alerted, along with a few other options, like sound to be played, custom message to be displayed, etc. Most of the items that you add will appear as draggable elements on your desktop, which you can resize and move around.

In my testing, all these features worked perfectly. The clocks were accurate, the reminders alerted me when they were supposed to and everything was easy to setup and customize. This is a free app, but there is also a "deluxe" version with extra features.

José Fernández
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